A Single IT Helpdesk for all your Technology Support. Imagine a single IT Helpdesk that gives your business access to a large pool of IT resources, including skilled and experienced personnel. Our helpdesk is already providing ad hoc and contracted IT and communications support for a number of Australian businesses and we can support yours too. We cover Desktops, Servers, Networks, Wifi, Smartphones, VOIP Phones, Hosted PBX and Cloud Hosting to name a few.



It Support Helpdesk

Give time back to your Core IT staff to focus on progressive projects Your core IT staff should have time for forward thinking and implementing key projects to advance the company’s strategy. If their time is consumed eliminating out spot fires for their users, proper focus cannot be applied to optimising the company’s technology utilisation. Your IT staff will thank you and so will the users

Access a deep pool of resources for less than the cost of 1 Employee Our diverse IT professionals provide extensive expertise in a variety of fields. Their combined experience and knowledge creates an extensive resource from which our help desk clients can draw support. For an hourly rate less than the minimum wage, most small and medium businesses are eligible to access enterprise grade support through our custom help desk system

An efficient system that pays for itself through staff productivity Down time for your users can quickly start to add significant costs to your business. The costs associated with one idle worker stretch far beyond that persons’ monetary compensation. The costs of labour substitution, reputation damage and opportunity costs associated with lost productivity, all contribute to magnifying the cost of personnel down-time. We’ve tightly integrated our custom ticketing and remote IT support systems and combined them with the best people to get your users up and running as quickly as possible.

Choose a Plan that Suits. Whatever the size, structure or support requirements of your business, we can tailor a solution to suit you. Check out our popular plans or contact us to discuss a custom deployment.


When PrioritiesAlign


Helpdesk User

  • Our Priorities Align with yours. Our help desk packages are structured to naturally induce our incentive to fix issues at their source and ultimately prevent them before they reach the help desk. A win-win situation.
  • Do it your way We take the time to understand your  current systems and desired outcomes and provide flexibility in our deployment model. We can take a lead role in supporting your company’s IT or we can work under the authority of your current IT staff. Because we built our help desk system from the ground up, we can provide customisations to suit our clients’ needs.
  • Easily Connect with us By default, your users can lodge requests for support via the on-line help desk system, phone or email. Additionally, our technicians can be enabled to communicate with your users via just about any method available, as deemed appropriate for your business.

Dissatisfied with generic ‘customer support’ help desk systems, we built our own ‘IT Support’ system from the ground up. Working closely with our clients, technicians and users, we developed a system that grows and learns alongside each client’s journey.



Star Wars Help Desk

by Kane Films on YouTube

Tech Support the Star Wars way. After all, the empire has its share of end-users also.

Medieval Helpdesk with English Subtitles

by NRK on YouTube

Helpdesk support back in the middle age (with English subtitles). Originally taken from the show “Øystein og jeg” on Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) in 2001. With Øystein Backe (helper) and Rune Gokstad (desperate monk). Written by Knut Nærum.


RecentClient feedback

  • Mike M.
    We have managed to scale our IT support and management operations deploying Ironline Technology systems into our organisation. With portal offices and hot-desking becoming a permanent aspect of our business flow, we are experiencing significant improvements in our ticket response times despite increased demands being placed on the infrastructure.
  • Matt C.
    The new VOIP system Ironline Technology installed hasn't missed a beat since day dot! Can't ask for more than that... cheers!
  • Barbara L.
    Ironline Technology have recently completed a change to Cisco and Google Apps for Work with our team now finding significant improvements in collaboration between various units without our company. Very happy with the result.
  • Vicky L.
    Our company has gone from 10 staff to 30 staff in the past 4 months and the system put in place by Ironline Technology allows us to scale up or down without heavy cost to our overhead. We hope to only get bigger, but there is a strength in knowing that we are able to change paths at the drop of a hat and that is totally possible with Ironline Technolgy solutions.
  • Jordan T.
    Being a graphic design focused organisation, we have found significant cost advantages and improvements in our business processes using Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft 365 in both online and offline environments. Minimal capex requirement made this a no brainer!

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