Make calls instead of costs. With traditional VOIP and PBX systems, one had to commit huge expenditure to infrastructure and equipment, making it suitable for large enterprise only. Now you can leave the expensive infrastructure in the cloud, making VOIP and hosted PBX ideal for home and small to medium business use. Reduce costs by moving your communications to the cloud.



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What is VOIP? Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the general acronym describing the numerous methodologies and technologies used for media based communications over the internet. ‘VOIP’ provides an umbrella term for reference to all media communications such as voice and video calls, made over the internet, as opposed to via traditional copper phone lines and communication carriers.

What is SIP? Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) is the widely used open source protocol used for establishing, conducting, terminating and managing VOIP or internet communications. Although SIP is growing to be the mostly widely adopted protocol in enterprise environments, other proprietary protocols exist such as Cisco’s “Skinny” protocol and the Skype protocol. “SIP trunking” describes the connection of SIP based internet phone systems to the traditional copper line phone system.

What are the benefits of VOIP? One of the most commonly desired benefits of VOIP is the significant cost savings compared to using traditional phone carriers. Not only are carrier line rental charges eliminated, but call costs are significantly cheaper using VOIP and SIP trunking. Aside from the obvious cost savings, there are many other worthwhile benefits of VOIP. The technology offers the ability to make and receive calls with your local number from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, as well as all the advantages of a fully scalable, cloud hosted PBX system.

What are the drawbacks of VOIP?  Some view the main drawback of VOIP as its requirement for a reliable internet connection, which in most usual cases, also means having a robust connection to power. Traditional copper based phones draw their small power requirement through the copper cables and during a localised power outage, the phone system may therefore not be affected. Without connection to the internet VOIP communications would be disabled. Thankfully in reality, there are plenty of redundancy options available.


Cloud HostedPBX

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  • Auto Attendant. Set up your incoming call flows like the big guys in town. Route your calls through an auto attendant to divert them to the appropriate people and departments within your business. For Example, you can set up a custom answering message with “press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, press 3 for accounts etc”.
  • Call Twinning. Have your mobile and desk phones ring at the same time, then take the call on either. When you take the call on one, the other will stop ringing so you can forget about diverting your calls when away from your desk.
  • Voicemail to Email. If you’re business is too busy to take calls all the time, set up a custom message bank and instantly receive audio message files to your email. You can use this feature to queue your enquiries in a mailbox and quickly prioritise them for follow up. A Great feature for start ups with few staff.
  • Multiple Businesses. Set up your cloud hosted PBX to cater for multiple different businesses, each with its own numbers, features and call-flows. View which business and department the customer is trying to reach before answering the phone.

As well as providing VOIP plans, SIP trunks, phone numbers and hosted PBX solutions, we carry a large range of SIP VOIP phones from all the main brands including Yealink, Snom, Cisco and Siemens.


RecentClient feedback

  • Mike M.
    We have managed to scale our IT support and management operations deploying Ironline Technology systems into our organisation. With portal offices and hot-desking becoming a permanent aspect of our business flow, we are experiencing significant improvements in our ticket response times despite increased demands being placed on the infrastructure.
  • Matt C.
    The new VOIP system Ironline Technology installed hasn't missed a beat since day dot! Can't ask for more than that... cheers!
  • Barbara L.
    Ironline Technology have recently completed a change to Cisco and Google Apps for Work with our team now finding significant improvements in collaboration between various units without our company. Very happy with the result.
  • Vicky L.
    Our company has gone from 10 staff to 30 staff in the past 4 months and the system put in place by Ironline Technology allows us to scale up or down without heavy cost to our overhead. We hope to only get bigger, but there is a strength in knowing that we are able to change paths at the drop of a hat and that is totally possible with Ironline Technolgy solutions.
  • Jordan T.
    Being a graphic design focused organisation, we have found significant cost advantages and improvements in our business processes using Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft 365 in both online and offline environments. Minimal capex requirement made this a no brainer!

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